Our wedding party

We have a HUGE wedding party. I guess you can say that Brian and I are very blessed that we have so many great friends!

Kayla's attendants
  • Tina Collins, Maid Of Honor
    Tina has been my best friend since elementary school. She is one of the hardest working women I know and I'm so proud of her accomplishments. We have stuck by each other's side through thick and thin and I am honored to have her as my MOH!
  • Brittany Cravens, Bridesmaid
    Brittany and I lived together my Senior year at Purdue and we instantly became friends. We did a lot of crazy/fun stuff together and I'm blessed to be able to call her one of my best friends now! By the way, Britt recently graduated from Butler in marketing and is seeking a career in wedding planning...which is working very well for me!
  • Jessica Conrad, Bridesmaid
    Jessica and I have been friends since high school. She moved here from Delaware and we got off to a rough start but I'm happy to say that she's grown into one of my lifelong friends. Jess just graduated from nursing school and is already working on establishing a career. Very proud of this lady!
  • Heather Monroe, Bridesmaid
    Heather is Brian's sister. I'm just getting to know her but can already tell that she is an amazing woman! She is an avid runner and I'm extremely inspired (& jealous) of how much she does!
  • Sarah Lawhorn, Bridesmaid
    Sarah and I have been friends since elementary school. I remember having slumber parties and hanging out with each other all the time. She adores children and it seems like she is babysitting all the time. Sarah is such a positive and fun person and her faith in God has been very inspiring to me.
  • Jesi Kirsch, Bridesmaid
    Jesi was my roommate my freshman year at Purdue. We lived in VERY tight quarters and I'm lucky I got placed with her. That year was a very tough year for me and she was there for me every step of the way. One of my fondest memories is sitting down to some nice raw cookie dough under our bunk beds and watching House those first few months :) Jesi is now the mother of two cutie pies Landyn and Kasen who are so precious!
  • Anna Marie Settles, Bridesmaid
    Anna Marie is my little cousin. She loves showing dairy cattle and living the farm life. I'd like to say she's following in my footsteps! She is a very bright girl and I'm glad she has agreed to be my Junior Bridesmaid!
Brian's attendants
  • Mark Whittet, Best Man
    My first cousin Mark and I grew up doing many things together. Being only 5 months apart, we shared many activities and memories together through our childhood and young adult lives. Though we don’t see one another very often at this stage of life, Mark is still someone I can pick up the phone and talk to as though we speak regularly.
  • Travis Birkey, Groomsman
    My friendship with Travis can only be credited to God’s work in my life and Travis’ both. We didn’t become close friends in the conventional way, and consequently, we don’t really have a conventional friendship either. Travis and his family have treated me as one of their own, and I consider Travis to be much closer to a brother than a friend.
  • Rod Kiogima, Groomsman
    Rod is easy going and doesn’t have to be the center of attention to be happy. He always has treated me like family, and includes me in his children’s lives, even trusting me to care for them at times when he and Amber need to be gone. Rod’s children even refer to me as uncle Brian, and I couldn’t be more honored.
  • Will Monroe, Groomsman
    When my sister chose Will as her husband, she didn’t ask for my approval beforehand. Having known Will now for 8+ years, I wouldn’t have been able to choose anyone better for a brother-in-law though. He has been a great friend, and a seamless addition to our family. I’m proud to have a brother like him in my life.
  • Nathan Beachey, Groomsman
    I am privileged to call Nathan a friend and neighbor both after he bought his great uncle’s house right across the street from my own. Nathan has grown up in the same church as I have, and has been a great friend for a good many years. He works on a farm, as I do, and we share many of the same interests.
  • Eric Sommer, Groomsman
    Eric is an outstanding person, and I’ve enjoyed a closer relationship with him the past several years through my work on the farm with him and his family. Eric is the type of person who never fails to find the fun in life and always makes things interesting no matter what the situation.
  • Carter Settles, Groomsman
    Carter is Kayla's cousin and is probably going to be the life of the party. He's an extremely smart young man with an extraordinary imagination!
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